5 Common Denture Problems & How To Fix Them

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common denture problem

Dentures have proven to be a practical solution for many people to replace missing teeth and improve appearances. Dentures in Winnipeg can occasionally create problems, just like any other oral appliance. If you wear dentures, you can encounter common problems with comfort, confidence, and overall well-being.

What are Dentures?

Removable dental prosthetics called dentures replace missing teeth and supporting tissue. They are made to improve a person’s overall quality of life by restoring their capacity to chew, speak, and smile. Dentures come in various types and are customized for each person’s oral structure and needs.

People who have lost their natural teeth can discover that wearing dentures greatly improves their quality of life. However, adequate maintenance, frequent dentist visits, and modifications are essential for their durability and continuous performance.

Common Denture Problems & Solutions

Difficulty with Chewing and Speaking

Problem: It might be difficult for new denture users to chew and speak normally. Slippage from poorly fitting dentures can make these simple duties uncomfortable and challenging.

Solution: Allow yourself some time to get used to wearing dentures. Start off with light meals, and as you become used to them, gradually switch to tougher foods. Consult your dentist for an appropriate fit adjustment if your dentures are still giving you problems. Speaking and reading aloud exercises might also help you speak more clearly while wearing dentures.

Bad Breath

Problem: Halitosis, or foul breath, is caused by food particles and germs trapped by dentures.

Solution: Maintain an intense oral hygiene routine by washing your dentures at least once daily. Use a denture brush and gently clean to eliminate germs and food particles. Remember to brush your gums, tongue, and mouth as well. Regular dental examinations help you maintain good oral health and address any underlying problems resulting in foul breath.

Irritation and Soreness

Problem: Irritation and pain are among the most common issues experienced by denture users, particularly during the early adjustment period. This can happen due to contact between your gums and the dentures, which can be uncomfortable.

Solution: Make sure your dentures fit comfortably to reduce discomfort. To get the dentures corrected, visit our dental clinic in Winnipeg if you have any uncomfortable locations. Additionally, you can increase stability and reduce friction by using denture adhesive as your dentist prescribes. Additionally, practicing good dental care and allowing your gums time to adjust helps lessen pain.

Gum and Jaw Soreness

Problem: Your gums and mouth can get irritated and uncomfortable if pressure is applied continuously.

Solution: It is essential to ensure a suitable fit to prevent gum and jaw pain. If the pain persists, ask your dentist to check the fit of your dentures. Giving your mouth a break from dentures occasionally, especially at night, can also be relaxation and help the gums’ blood circulation.

Staining and Discoloration

Problem: Certain foods, drinks, and tobacco products can cause dentures to stain or turn discolored over time.

Solution: Regular cleaning and soaking in a denture cleaner recommended by your dentist are part of proper denture maintenance. Abrasives that can damage the surface of a denture should not be used harshly. Consult your dentist for expert cleaning or replacement if the staining gets worse.

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