Dental Cleanings Near You

When was the last time you had your teeth cleaned? It is essential to receive dental cleanings at least twice a year to maintain good oral hygiene. You cannot remove all the plaque buildup yourself at home. When you get your teeth professionally cleaned, your hygienist will have the tools necessary to remove the plaque and tartar from your teeth.

When you consume carbohydrates, the bacteria in your mouth turns them into acids. The acids will weaken your enamel and create plaque. Rinse your mouth after you eat to prevent plaque. If you cannot rinse your mouth, drink water to remove excess food particles that can cause tooth decay and cavities. Our team at Westend Dental is happy to offer quality dental cleanings near you.

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Regular Dental Check-Ups Near You

Receiving regular dental check-ups are crucial to maintaining your oral health. During a dental check-up, your dentist will thoroughly examine and take X-rays of your mouth to detect signs of potential oral health problems. By detecting oral health problems in the early stages, you can prevent more serious issues from arising.

Gum disease is caused when the bacteria infect your gums. Most people are unaware they have gum disease as there are no apparent symptoms in the early stages. We provide dental check-ups near you to detect gum disease before it spreads.

In addition to gum disease, your dentist will also check for:

  • Signs of oral cancer
  • Abnormalities in your mouth
  • Teeth grinding
  • Any other oral health problem

Maintaining Good Oral Health

We offer dental cleanings and check-ups in Winnipeg to help you maintain your oral health. In addition to dental cleanings, you should be practicing good oral hygiene habits between your appointments. The following are tips to improve your oral hygiene:

  • Properly brushing your teeth! Ensure you brush for at least 2 minutes
  • Floss regularly
  • Rinse your mouth after eating
  • Use a mouthwash
  • Clean your tongue

Looking to Schedule Your Next Dental Cleaning and Check-Up in Winnipeg?

If you’re looking to receive dental cleanings and check-ups in Winnipeg, please contact us to schedule an appointment. We take pride in providing quality dental care to our patients, from children to seniors.