Bone Grafting Near You

Your jaw bone will slowly deteriorate with no stimulation from missing teeth. If you have bone loss in your jaw, it can cause challenges when receiving dental implants. Westend Dental offers bone grafting in Winnipeg to restore your jaw bone.

bone grafting in winnipeg

Receiving Bone Grafting in Winnipeg

If you’re looking to receive bone grafting treatment, there are a few aspects to understand. To restore the bone loss in your mouth, your doctor may utilize tissue from other parts of your mouth to restore the bone loss. In other cases, a unique material can be used as an alternative for bone grafting treatment. The amount of grafting required depends on the severity of the bone loss.

Once the procedure is completed, it will take a couple of months before your bone starts growing again. A slow process ensures the stability and security of the bone. Once the bone is adequately healed and developed, you can proceed with your dental implants.

It’s normal to feel discomfort or slight swelling after your procedure. The pain should subside a few days post-treatment. Within the first week, our dentist recommends avoiding solid or hard foods. We will explain all the aftercare tips to ensure you have a smooth and safe recovery. After you receive a bone graft, you must maintain your oral health. Without proper brushing or flossing, it can cause infections, which will prolong your recovery time. Please refrain from smoking during the recovery period. Not only will smoking prolong your recovery, but it also increases the chance of the bone graft failing.

The Benefits of Bone Grafting

There are many benefits to patients receiving bone grafting in Winnipeg, including the following:

  • It prevents oral health problems
  • It restores the functionality in your jaw
  • It can be used for other facial features
  • It improves your confidence

In Need of Bone Grafting in Winnipeg?

We offer bone grafting near you to restore weakened jawbones. By restoring your jaw bone, you can provide a strong foundation for your implants. If you have any questions, please contact us.