Sinus Lift Surgery Near You

The procedure of sinus lift surgery is used to restore the back of your upper jaw. It provides more precision and success than previous methods. If you are looking to receive sinus lift surgery near you, Westend Dental offers sinus lift surgery in Winnipeg.

sinus lift surgery in winnipeg

About the Procedure

When you receive sinus lift surgery in Winnipeg, you can choose to use tissues from other parts of your body or use donor tissues. The tissue is used to help stabilize your gums and support the installment of dental implants. Once you have received sinus lift surgery, it is essential to follow the instructions to prevent problems from arising in the future. We will give you a list of detailed instructions on what you can and cannot do during your recovery phase.

Post-Sinus Lift Surgery

Bleeding or swelling is expected after the surgery. Over the next couple of days, you will feel some discomfort. It should not be anything too serious. The bleeding should stop after two days. If the bleeding is persistent and you feel more pain as the days progress, contact us immediately. After a week to ten days, we will schedule a second appointment to follow-up on your recovery. Any remaining stitches will also be removed at this time.

Once you recover, you are on your way to a new, durable set of teeth. If you are anxious or have concerns, our dental team will ensure you are informed and have all the information necessary to have a smooth procedure and recovery. We want our patients to feel comfortable and are worry-free during their procedures.

We Offer Sinus Lift Surgery in Winnipeg

If you are interested in receiving sinus lift surgery in Winnipeg, schedule a consultation. Trust us to give you a stable foundation for your new smile.