Root Canal Therapy Near You

Tooth decay should never be left untreated. The longer you leave tooth decay, the more likely it is to spread within your tooth. When the decay spreads to the roots of your tooth, it will begin to die. Once your roots die, they can no longer provide nutrients to your tooth. Our dental clinic offers root canal therapy in Winnipeg to restore and preserve your tooth.

root canal therapy in winnipeg

When is Root Canal Therapy Necessary?

You may not realize you have tooth decay in the early stages. A dentist can detect when abnormalities and decay are forming around your tooth, which is why it is essential to get check-ups frequently. When symptoms start to appear, they include:

  • Painful, persistent toothaches
  • Pain when pressure is applied to the tooth
  • Increased tooth sensitivity
  • Colour change in your tooth
  • Pain near your tooth
  • Small bumps forming around your tooth

When any of these symptoms arise, please schedule an appointment with your dentist. We will take X-rays and examine your mouth to find the cause. In the worst case, you will need to receive a root canal. We provide root canal therapy near you to save your tooth from decay.

Considering Root Canal Therapy in Winnipeg?

Root canal therapy sounds painful, but with anesthetics, the procedure is comparable to receiving a dental filling. Root canal therapy makes it possible to save a tooth that would otherwise require extraction. Most insurance plans also cover root canals.

The Procedure

Once X-rays have been taken, our dental team will walk you through the procedure. We will answer all your questions and guide you along the way. Local anesthesia will be provided during the treatment process. If you feel anxious and want more sedation, please tell us. Your dentist will make a small hole to remove the decay and clean your tooth. A crown is often recommended to protect and strengthen your tooth afterward.

We Offer Root Canal Therapy in Winnipeg

If your tooth is on the verge of dying, root canal therapy can save your tooth! We offer root canal therapy near you; schedule a consultation with us today.