Dental Fillings 101 – Common Questions Answered

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Dental Fillings 101 Common Questions Answered

If you’re reading this blog because you may need to get a dental filling for the first time, know that Westend Dental will take excellent care of you.

As you may already be aware, installing dental fillings is a minimally invasive process that gives patients the outcomes they desire without the need for expensive, more serious restorative dentistry..

However, prior to committing to anything in particular, it’s important to speak with a skilled, approachable dentist who can walk you through the treatment from beginning to end. This will help you feel more prepared and be comfortable during the actual appointment. 

FAQs About Dental Fillings           

Why Do You Need a Filling?

Cavities that form on the surface of teeth typically require dental fillings in Winnipeg. Bacteria accumulation on the tooth’s surface causes the tooth to deteriorate, which leads to cavities. On your routine dental checkup visit, your dentist will check for a number of things, including this.

When a cavity is found, your dentist will recommend a surface filling to stop it from getting worse and causing more tooth damage.

Dental fillings is a very common service that all dentist know how to perform. Furthermore, patients of all ages can get a filling to repair their teeth and strengthen their smiles. 

How Does the Treatment Work?

First things first: your oral cavity will be thoroughly examined. This is done via a physical evaluation with a small mirror and x-rays. These measures allow your dentist and the rest of your dental team to understand every facet of your case and identify if you’re an ideal candidate for dental fillings. 

If you are given the go-ahead, the affected site will be numbed so you don’t feel any pain or sensitivity while your tooth’s being repaired. 

Next, the dentist will remove the portion of your tooth that has been damaged with decay and replace it with an artificial material that is more durable. Once all the decay has been scraped out, the site is sealed and then cleaned and your tooth is polished. You’ll be free to go when all of this is done. 

The entire treatment can be done in a single appointment. 

Which Type of Filling is Preferable: Silver or Porcelain?

When a filling is to be placed someplace near the front of the mouth, porcelain or composite fillings are typically chosen. However, metal fillings like silver or gold last for many years. Ultimately, it’s up to the patient, their preferences, and what their dentist recommends, 

For more information about the types of fillings available, contact our dental office near you

What If My Filling Begins to Crack?

Your dentist will evaluate the integrity of your current dental filling to ensure they are still in good shape during your routine dental visits.

Your dentist will typically be able to fix any cracks or damage found in your filling. Adding more of the selected filler material can sometimes solve a problem quickly. Occasionally, though, it could be essential for your dentist to totally remove your old, broken filling in order to make room for a brand-new one.

In the end, whatever form of restorative care you require to get your oral health back to normal, our skilled dentists are here to go through the treatment options at your disposal, whether it’s acquiring dental fillings near you or a suitable alternative. 

Call Our Team Today 

Are you ready to get things started? Please contact our dental clinic in Winnipeg to arrange an introductory consultation today! If you have queries or concerns about any aspect of your upcoming treatment, be sure to mention them; you have the right to understand and feel comfortable about the oral healthcare you receive. 

Our staff looks forward to working with you! You can get in touch with us by phone, email, or you can stop by our physical clinic – whatever works best!