Is Crowning Necessary After a Root Canal?

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is crowning necessary after a root canal

Has your dentist diagnosed you with tooth decay or infection and recommended getting a root canal to properly address it? Are you looking for a good dentist to get root canal treatment in Winnipeg?

If so, you might have several questions regarding root canals, crowns, and post-operative care. Allow us to clear those doubts.

Root Canals

A dental operation known as root canal therapy is frequently used to treat a tooth that has developed an infection or inflammation, namely within its pulp chamber. When a tooth needs this procedure, the damaged or infected material is removed, the interior is cleaned, and the tooth is then sealed to stop further decay or infection.

While root canals have a reputation for being uncomfortable and painful, contemporary dentistry treatments have significantly improved their comfort. In truth, root canal therapy is frequently used to treat tooth discomfort brought on by an infection or injury.

When is it necessary?

The soft layer that houses blood vessels and nerves inside the tooth is called the pulp. When the pulp on the inside of a tooth gets infected or irritated, a root canal is required.   It could deteriorate as a result of trauma, decay, or frequent dental treatments. Pain, swelling, and sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures can all be signs of infected or inflamed pulp.

If the infection is not treated, it may spread to the nearby teeth and gums and cause more significant dental issues. The best option to salvage a broken tooth and stop subsequent dental problems is frequently through a root canal.

What is the procedure like?

Two visits to the dentist are normally necessary for root canal surgery. The tooth’s surroundings will be numbed at the initial visit, and the pulp chamber will be accessed by drilling a tiny hole in the top of the tooth. The injured or infected pulp inside the tooth will next be removed using specialized equipment.

The dentist will clean the inside of the tooth once the pulp has been removed, then fill it with a specific material to seal it and stop further infection. A temporary filling may be used in specific circumstances to protect the tooth until the follow-up session.

The dentist will take out the temporary filling and install a permanent one during the second appointment. In order to safeguard the tooth and restore its functionality, they could also cover it with a dental crown.

It is common to feel a little sensitive and uncomfortable after the surgery. This is typically treatable with over-the-counter pain relievers and should go away in a few days.

Crowns after a root canal near you in Winnipeg

The tooth may weaken and become more vulnerable to future harm after a root canal. In this situation, dental crowns are essential for maintaining the tooth’s structural integrity and ensuring long-term oral health.  A dental crown is frequently fitted over the tooth following a root canal to give security, strength, and protection.

Dental crowns are crucial following a root canal for the reasons listed below.

  • Defending the tooth from additional harm: Putting a dental crown over the tooth creates a barrier that shields it from future harm.
  • Repairing the tooth’s function: A dental crown gives patients the ability to chew and speak normally by restoring the tooth’s strength and functionality.
  • Enhancing the tooth’s aesthetic: Dental crowns can be made to match the color, size, and shape of neighboring teeth, giving the tooth a more natural-looking appearance.
  • Preventing the need for extraction: Without a dental crown, the tooth may be more susceptible to injury and decay, increasing the likelihood that an extraction will eventually be necessary.
  • Results that last: Dental crowns are a reliable and lasting remedy for tooth problems. A dental crown can survive for many years with good oral care and routine dental exams, ensuring the best possible oral health and function.

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